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Russia Sanket country is ice Shenzhen of corps de ballet is displayed art
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Country of Sanket of Russia of report of Shi Xiaoyan of our newspaper reporter is ice corps de ballet, be about to deliver to Shenzhen audience " cool and refreshing " ! Came 21 days on September 16, they will protect benefit theater to display in Shenzhen perform 8 two macrocosm classical ballet pantomime " walnut clincher " , " swan lake " .

This second 8 " ice ballet " include: Reached 3 18 days to respectfully present on September 16 " walnut clincher " , performed 5 to 21 days on September 19 " swan lake " . The story clue course of two name drama is compressed, compact and concise. " swan lake " compress two act by original 4 act, more the faithful love that highlights prince and princess. " walnut clincher " the interesting story that is the night that narrates to happen in the Christmas, the Christmas gift that the princess accepts is a deformed walnut clincher, became brilliant and cheesy prince however in the dream, two people roam together the world of the kingdom of snow, water and candied heaven and earth.

Russia Sanket country is ice corps de ballet, it is current world only can finish in ice make the group that deduces classical ballet, have " the world is ice ballet posse " public praise. There are 20 in this round cast once was Russia sports master sportsman, among them Demila fastens Lawusuowa and Aoliege to ever obtained Olympic Games gold for two times. Still have the A of winner of Olympic Games gold that wins Europe and world tounament championship for many times to list Kexiewusanuofu, the willow heart rice that wins match of world tounament, Europe and Olympic Games medal for many times pulls a Miernuowa to wait.

Ice ballet is taller to theatrical requirement, ask whole theater maintains a constant temperature from beginning to end. It is reported, sanket country is ice personnel of technology of corps de ballet can be touched ahead of schedule at the appointed time deep, with the personnel of relevant arena technology of the theater a spot makes ice, the arena that keeps Shenzhen benefit theater becomes a vast ice stadium.