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Wuhan show season is about to kick off fall
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) small treasure reports reporter Wang Hong's reporter: The reporter learns from company of Wuhan city performance yesterday, "Fall show season " be about to pull open heavy curtain, wonderful performance comes on stage take turns.

On September 12, zhou Jintang, Yin Beichen presents as leading role to act the leading role explode laugh at comedy " those things of Wudalang " , will pull begin to give Ji Xu act. On September 20, fu Cong will come again Chinese hold piano solo concert. On September 23, mao Weitao of Shaoxing opera actor will come Chinese, fashionable edition Shaoxing opera " Liang Shanbai and Zhu Ying stage " with classical Shaoxing opera " Liu You and Tang Wan " will deduce chilly beautiful love again. On October 30, element has Germany " rose killer " beautiful praise band will come to Tuobiyasi Chinese, deduce world great musical composition. By October, the theatrical work of contemporary rock and roll that by De Lun of American the Broadway Ni round-the-world entertainment company brings " Ayida " , will press an axis " show season " .