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Core of small sweet jade fades out of movie and TV to encircle recursive opera s
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Business signs up for dispatch (reporter Chen Hesheng) show of special performance of Henan opera of small sweet jade was held in Shanxi Taiyuan last night, after this is indicating small sweet jade is old, stand to Thespian arena again. Subsequently, small sweet jade still will do special performance show native place Zhengzhou comes.

1982, small sweet jade of 17 years old acts because of going out " beautiful magnolia " become famous overnight. Encourage in Chang Xiangyu's lashing below, rehearse more than 10 good fun. After 1995, small sweet jade leaves Henan to arrive Shanxi, beijing arrives again later, she still established with her show income artistic school -- " school of art of hope of small sweet jade " . Last year, the film that small sweet jade acts the leading role " even fowls and dogs are not left in peace " win award of golden pheasant of film of the 26th China award of optimal female costar.

The success on the career, also brought many controversy -- as an outstanding Henan opera actor, how bad good act in an opera runs film? Small sweet jade also realizes this problem apparently, when she accepts business to sign up for a reporter to interview, say, "Pat " even fowls and dogs are not left in peace " later, several play staffs invite me to take sport. At that time I with respect to be anxious, actor of a Henan opera often always cannot wave to take theatrical work of movie and TV outside. After thinking repeatedly, I or decision fade out of movie and TV to encircle, return to the arena of Henan opera. " among them, the film " apple " the play staff invites small sweet jade to join in with respect to Ceng Li, piece act piece in Liang Jiahui wife one horn. After small sweet jade reads a script, there is 56 to be in bare camera lens inside discovery, want to did not want to promote this movie.

Show of special performance of this Henan opera, will begin to undertake countrywide make one's rounds acts from Shanxi. Small sweet jade says, "Regard the Henan opera of a responsible feeling as the actor, I am accountability the Henan opera belt Shanxi gives Shanxi, push to the whole nation, trend world, at the same time round also my old dream. " body of show lieutenant general reveals new Henan opera, new arena, film TV and put together are drawn lessons from on dress modelling art the novel means of the evening party, let an audience experience full-bodied contemporary breath. The scene that musically abandons a tradition is old 3 appearance accompany, what the traditional musical instrument of transcribe of atelier of instead opera music and photograph of contemporary sound effect are united in wedlock is brand-new musical form.