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" surround house greatly " fine grind a high-quality goods " flying Apsaras " be
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Report of carry of Pei Jun of our newspaper reporter is large achieve the Hakkas pantomime formerly " surround house greatly " , be in theater of center of culture of dragon hillock area to undertake at present new round nervous rehearse, this drama will in August 26, 27, enter arena of Shenzhen great theater 28 days again. Already published carry out bill now, it is reported, fare is 80 yuan, 180 yuan, 280 yuan. After the show, all playwright-director and actor are returned will interact with the audience that has deep love for pantomime, accept the opinion of the audience and proposal.

   "Flying Apsaras " bend affection show

Yesterday, heroine " snow woman " opening ceremony of Olympic Games of the person that act, Beijing " filar road flying Apsaras " performer Yan Shuo, female costar " plum " the person that act, 2008 spring late " flying Apsaras " the Liu Shu that get dance, with hero " the day is cultivated " Ceng Ming of the person that act, the enthusiasm that the leader of bureau of Shenzhen city culture that views rehearsal comes to before was being won is admiring, call an actor each " long meritorious service " . Two " flying Apsaras " bend affection is performed, the staff member that makes for many times had watched a show also Jing is admired unceasingly.

According to introducing, because Yan Shuo is read in Beijing dancing institute during, give those who performed Hainan province to weave " ecliptic mother-in-law " and be written and direct people take a fancy to. "Feel this actor has latent capacity very much at that time, enter " surround house greatly " after the play staff, grow very fast. Grow very fast..

Be Yan Shuo on dancing go qualitative, also make director of Olympic Games opening ceremony Zhang Jigang is taken a fancy to. Regard B as horn, she replaced Liu Yan, deduced audience of your whole world to do it exclamatory " filar road flying Apsaras " figure.

   Attentive burnish gives high-quality goods

Pantomime " surround house greatly " migrate with chiliad of the Hakkas person for setting, tell about familial repeatedly the story that classics cross rises abruptly like the miracle again. This drama was met in Wen Bo in May this year after artistic moral integrity appears, the audience says: "Looked " surround house greatly " , what just understand the Hakkas woman is tough with virtuous how to come. What just understand the Hakkas woman is tough with virtuous how to come..

Although get the widespread recognition of the audience, but to stride to higher high-quality goods art, the play staff is after the opinion that sought concerned expert and audience extensively, farther attentive burnish, make pantomime more hasten is perfect, till make high-quality goods.

After new burnish " surround house greatly " , gut is more exquisite and fluent, rhythm more Zhang Chi has degree, figure figure is more bright and vivid. Rehearse spot, although did not enable the theatrics such as dance beauty, lamplight, but the conflict of the performance that is an actor merely and gut, had made attendant audience is touched unceasingly.
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