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Spring keep secret to study of Olympic Games opening ceremony late do well atten
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) since Lang Kun take up the post of 2009 spring late

Jiang Kun thinks, come for years spring acting late all the time sow hall to hold, should be walked out of now. Jiang Kun thinks, language kind the program is in of more than 1000 square metre act sowing hall to broadcast is to go against what perform and watch actually, he offers the language kind the program is put in the theater, also can abound so spring late form.

Soldier thinks to want " cook " a very good-looking essay, want to prepare one year ahead of schedule at least. Still relevant personage feels confidential the job is very main, "Why the attention that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games can arouse so much person, because keep secret,do well, return view spring evening, early has card program content to be poured out of, so attention is spent also dropped. " (east east)