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" Ma Ke - pineapple " music is added rock and roll bring an audience " visit men
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" Ma Ke - pineapple " music is added rock and roll bring an audience " visit mentally "

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) report of Zhou Yuanyuan of reporter Wang Hong's reporter: Pantomime? Is fashionable dress beautiful? Melodrama? Afterwards Olympic Games is during the meeting after premiere of national great theater, the pantomime of large multimedia music that by world-renowned stylist Ka Dan of leather Er · manufactures " horse but · pineapple -- the brigade that visit mentally " appeared on great theater of musical instrument stage last night, mix take a show clap of your Jiangchen audience cries absolutely.

Show one begin, it is to tangle full the hero of bandage lies in white scenic in the center of, on animation setting his " struggle " with " the Bai Yi young woman in dream " or alternant or appear at the same time. It is to be on the ocean of vast no matter, in the desert that still heats up in broil, the figure of white garment woman waves in the swiftly on backdrop dance, seem spirit is average...

As " make an appointment Beijing " name of art of culture of large Olympic Games is tasted exhibit the work of art that act, " horse but · pineapple " it is exclusive during the Olympic Games the French art of the show is performed. Dancing of collect of whole department pantomime, music and animation at an organic whole, rock and roll, the electron is happy wait for contemporary music element ably confluence is in dancing, with dance person collocation of Hip-hop, mechanical dance gets flawless, bring intense seeing and hearing to enjoy to the audience.