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First Shenzhen achieves children drama to was in on September 13 formerly deep p
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First Shenzhen achieves children drama to was in on September 13 formerly deep premiere

Stage photo

The Little Bear of wirewalking, jump the zebra ass of belly dance, skipping strong and handsome drill lion Hercules... each is true the animal of wool cloth with soft nap of the size like the person, a field is mysterious magical and magic, deduced the brigade of the demon unreal of magnificent of a strange unreal jointly, the large demon unreal that this is born in Shenzhen namely blocks drama of idol of a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship " those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " . This drama will on September 13, premiere is held 14 days in theater of Shenzhen Children's Palace, will move toward the whole nation from Shenzhen subsequently, develop the force that the make one's rounds of many cities performs.

" those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " it is the children theatrical work that first Shenzhen starts formerly, by Shenzhen mainland children theatrical company is created and show, the investment such as company of Shenzhen city performance 1 million make, its occurrence fill the blank that Shenzhen starts children theatrical work formerly. 2 days, this drama directs what Wang Yan accepted our newspaper reporter to interview, those who announced this to be born in Shenzhen " circus wagon " 3 large window.

   Window one:

"The lion " can blink an eye to be able to weep

" those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " director Wang Yan is a country award of the 4th director of theater of art of children of one stage director, former Beijing, Wen Hua is optimal children of director award gainer, whole nation is moved dramatically perform department of gainer of optimal director award, wide cable Jin Tong bonus, the children that he produces person of Thespian, children occasionally the work such as drama and TV series gets audience reputably. October 2007, he held water in Shenzhen " confuse theatrical company of your children art " , the actor that has an in part comes from Shenzhen university art to fasten performance major, it is Shenzhen city the first professional children that serves technically for teenager children is artistic troupe, " those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " be created by this group and show.

"' circus wagon ' the eye mouth that the largest window is person idol is active, still can shed tear even, this kind of person is designed occasionally or first time appears on the children drama arena in home. " Wang Yan says, the person that performs on arena normally still is continue to use almost occasionally " big head baby " the method that make, not vivid, inflexible, inflexible, the influence behaves force, and be in " those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " in, actors are wearing the lion that headgear acts, zebra and Little Bear, broke this rule, not only expression is rich and clear, and when crying, the eye still can pour out of tear really, this kind of design once was used in the drama of 100 collect children of CCTV by Wang Yan, be moved to arena by him now. "The audience sees ' circus wagon ' leading role people, resemble seeing toy of distinct and lovely wool cloth with soft nap is same, different is, toys of these wool cloth with soft nap will be meeting acrobatics, magic, return can strong audience to blink an eye even, meeting grin laughs. Meeting grin laughs..
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