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Edition of Chinese of Sino-Japanese the living theatre joining a platoon is in d
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[report from our correspondent] (reporter Yu Xue) hill of Japanese well-known poet, dramatist temple repairs department and China Yuan Hong of famous and Thespian producer hand in hand, the classical the living theatre of mixture edition of the Japanese in rehearse " doll is familial " . This drama will be in Tokyo on September 6 premiere, with Chinese dialogue show, will attend Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Shanghai show subsequently. This is Sino-Japanese and Thespian bound on the collaboration that cross a boundary brand-new attempt.

" doll is familial " it is to be called " Japanese theater group gets military thing " the masterpiece that temple hill builds department, once came for two times outback show, the work of this fable form was shown it is under industrialized pressure the depression of Japanese society and make a stand against. This Chinese edition " doll is familial " also repair department to be directed personally by temple hill, long department still will come to hill of next year temple on invitation of edition of Chinese rehearse Chinese " high living " make fun of newly with another, let actor of Sino-Japanese two countries and audience have more development communication and collaboration with Thespian means.

Yuan Hong discloses, although " doll is familial " what use in Japanese show is Chinese, but got of Japanese audience chase after hold in both hands, the entrance ticket of 16 shows opens to booking one sky. With domestic audience place familiar modern drama performs formal photograph to compare, " doll is familial " performance style and gimmick can say initiate a gender brand-newly, it extended the audience understanding to Thespian arena possibility greatly, also was full of full-bodied exotic amorous feelings and gout.