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Solo dance of Lang Shouer of Shenzhen teenager ballet wins large award
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[report from our correspondent] (reporter Jin Minhua) because humble abode in blessing Tian Yidong rehearse of pallet dweller building and be called " the flower of the ballet that grows in dweller building " Shenzhen is contemporary corps de ballet is young actor Yu Zhian, lunar base is in center of art of skill in playing a ball game of annulus of Korea head Er on held international dance contest carries off final of youth group solo dance is outstanding award. Introduce according to Zhang Anhui of colonel of contemporary corps de ballet, this is the male player of youth group China that enters finals exclusively to win outstanding award.

Contest of dance of international of Korea head Er establishs 2004, belong to the international dancing match with higher standards. Head dance of ballet of cent of contest of Er international dance, folk and modern dance 3 projects, it is exclusive the international game that player of classical dancing of a China can play, many outstanding dancer ever were in China the bear the palm in this match. Include institute of art of corps de ballet of opera and ballet theatre of central nation chorus, China, Liaoning, liberation army to wait for the domestic dancing group that has actual strength this year select actor played the game. The match passes primary election, intermediary heat and final, choose strictly of close half an year through commissioner of each country expert, come from ten countries such as China, United States, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, England 20 many areas take part in the match 144 times the player is seleted an Er semifinal finally.

This bear the palm is opposite an Er encouragement is very big for Zhang Anhui. "This contemporary corps de ballet has 4 actors finally work of 3 dance for two people is seleted a contest of Er international dance, include dance of Yunnan the Yi nationality " the beat of the heart " and modern dance " cruel cummer " and " former " . Regrettablly, because among them two actors are not full 19 years old, by contest organizing committee the regulation can play youth group game only finally, and youth group sets solo dance not to set competition of dance for two people only. " Zhang Anhui says, "Such we are forced to be inside the shortest time, make up eduction afresh two modern solo dance. Through 3 days of intense competitions, yu Zhian becomes the male player of youth group China that enter finals exclusively and wins outstanding award. " although old Yu Jia did not enter finals because of some kind of reason, but the very high opinion that her performance received dancing of institute of art of vice-chairman of Chinese dancer association, liberation army fastens director Liu Min, zhang Anhui says, "Because during experience inadequacy causes the competition, the actress that we play game of young group dance for two people appears accident to make the actor fails because of buckling cent to enter finals finally thereby in a link, but the actor's performance still gets many reputably. "
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