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"Circus wagon " accompany a child to pass mid-autumn
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"Circus wagon " accompany a child to pass mid-autumn
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Report of carry of Pei Jun of our newspaper reporter should company of Shenzhen city performance invites, happy humble is more artistic than children troupe general on September 13, 14 days, unreal of large cartoon demon is rolled out in theater of Shenzhen city Children's Palace person idol melodrama " those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " . Show time is every sky midday 1030, afternoon 3: 00, perform 4 in all. To let more child organic meeting walks into a theater, free of charge of 1.2 meters of the following children, an adult is restricted to take a children.

" those who do not have Sunday is circus wagon " divide 3 act in all, the little girl that tells about a beautiful goodness confuses you, have deep love for as a child magic, what of one mind wants to join Harry of drunkard red nose is circus wagon, but refuse. Confuse you to hide ably into circus wagon 100 treasure chest, and associate with a lot of circus wagon animal friends. She is in with the animal people in chatting, be informed, red nose Harry drinks merely and make money, let an animal people one day eats a meal only, even they keep show. Confuse you to decide to guide an animal people escape circus wagon...

This drama uses children drama form, manage true person, person idol, setting, stage property namely, use the artistic form that overflow, reveal " the earth is the home with person and mutual animal, want to get along well, should cherish an animal to protect an animal " theme. The total director Wang Yan of this drama, work dramatically from thing children for years, ceng Duo second as artistic as Chinese children theater and theater of Beijing children art cooperate, win article China award for many times by right of the children theatrical work that starts formerly.

The person on arena can talk occasionally, can cry, can blink an eye, still can become magic. The magic a powerful and unconstrained style in drama, the lion becomes vivid person, the site changes give every piece snowflake. Again the light of together with colorfulness, report, scenic effect, and drive music of wonderful and gut development, pleasant demon unreal cartoon, to the person intense seeing and hearing is enjoyed. In addition, watch the little boys of the show, still can receive circus wagon particular gift.