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Puppet god modern drama " blaze hill " moving heart soul
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Pei Jun of our newspaper reporter carries the report still remembers opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games going up " opera " part? Person of 4 puppet show drama enters stage, 900 banner break up up and down fly, wear red, black, green, white the person of puppet of 4 officers and soldiers of 4 kinds of armature is martial appear, this comes from troupe of fontal city wooden image namely " 4 begin a theatrical performance " . Came on September 29 on October 2, troupe of fontal city wooden image will be in Shenzhen city Children's Palace theatrical show mythological drama of 8 large puppet " blaze hill " .

With before the puppet show with Shenzhen familiar audience is different, " blaze hill " use " crossover high table " arena form show, the actor as string of 1 in 3 meters many tall headroom next puppet will perform, puppet is operated by silk thread, the ground in sky cooperates tacit understanding. The performance is given priority to with marionette, the puppet of head of bastinado of be in harmony, puppet in the palm, person is performed occasionally at one furnace, the scenery of together with colorfulness, lamplight and music of particular type of drama " dummy is moved " , provide extremely craftsmenship, artistic quality and view and admire a gender.

" blaze hill " heretofore already performed many 4000, troupe currently holds the post ofWang Jingxian of colonel, famous dramatist to say, clue of story of complete theatrical work is labyrinthian, stir popular feeling soul, especially the charm of the dance since the tussle occasion of ground of flying Apsaras escape and lightly of Long Gongzhong's belle, more fascinating. This god modern drama ever played part of international puppet art for many times, won the high recognition that bound of each country puppet travels together, be called " the world's top-ranking puppet art curiosa " .