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" cling to beautiful baby contest " October of Shenzhen competion area opens con
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Li Zhi of trainee of yellow bud of our newspaper reporter reports south is little the brand match that channel continues 6 years " south is little model contest " , upgraded in the round 2008, and with " cling to beautiful baby contest " brand-new appearance, started on June 7. From August since the middle ten days of a month, the contest already was in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fosan to wait for 10 cities to spread out in the round, shenzhen competion area opens game time to be in October 4-5 date, accepting at present sign up.

Current " cling to beautiful baby contest " with " the brigade of love " give priority to a problem, show love walk along excellent be in harmony to be an organic whole with T stage, key dash forward show 3 " one " proposal, namely " speak to the young associate of Sichuan disaster area, send a gift, carry out a love to plan " . The match wants the model of test player not only, reflect the player's love and group efforts spirit even. Current, "" cling to beautiful baby " the brigade of love of red wrist support " already saving more than 10 cities to begin completely a series of no benefit performance and activity of sale of work, the capital of collect basically will be used at be school of Sichuan earthquake disaster area to contribute to build " plain another name for Guangdong Province hand in hand red scarf bookstore " etc.

It is reported, " cling to beautiful baby " it is current most suffer Guangdong child to chase after the children teleplay that hold in both hands. And act leading role Ling Meiqi, Ling Meixue in drama, come from the beautiful baby Sun Zhen of Shenzhen and Huang Anyi just about, sun Zhen or south of first beautiful baby are little the Ji Jun of model contest. In drama, beautiful snow of United States fine jade helps the person that has need with blackart, their love behaves those who get broad parent to approbate.

Be in charge of undertaking the art of Shenzhen city cherub of match of Shenzhen competion area grooms the ministry expresses, contest cent is nursery school group and elementary school group, every age is in 2, child of 12 years old, can sign up attend.